Beeping or Sirens?

If your home alarm keeps beeping it may indicate a fault is present in the system – this will generally cause the alarm code pad to emit a beeping sound. This can happen for a number of reasons such as a power fail or low panel battery. The information in this article will help you determine the cause of the beeping.

For information on shutting down alarm sirens please read this article ‘Home Alarm Going Off For No Reason

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Sirens or Beeping?

If a fault is present you may find your alarm going off (sirens sound) by itself, even if unset. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a dead battery or faulty sensor. The information contained in this article will assist in shutting off the system and silence the sirens.

false alarms sirens alarm going off cant stop alarm shut down alarm switch alarm off turn alarm off disconnect siren

For information on a beeping alarm, please follow this link to ‘How to Stop a Beeping Alarm


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IP CCTV external cameras Rotoplas Unanderra Illawarra


Craig is the manager of Rotoplas, a plastics moulding business located in Unanderra, Illawarra. Craig already knew what he wanted from a IP CCTV system before he contacted us. He needed to keep an eye on production during the day, all while safe guarding against break and enters of a night. Creating an IP CCTV based solution to achieve this is where we came in.

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Smartphone Home Security System in Albion Park

Smartphone Home Security System in Albion Park

Recently, Regional Security was introduced to Aaron who was in the process of building a new home in Albion Park. Aaron was introduced to us by our good friends at 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs in Wollongong after we upgraded their alarm and CCTV system for their new workshop on Swann Street, Wollongong.

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Cormac Security Alarm System Wollongong Port Kembla

Vandalised Property Secured for New Wollongong Business

Cormac Metal Spray, recently decided to expand their operations into the Illawarra. Looking for a suitable site in Wollongong, they took hold of the old Tolco building in Port Kembla. Upon entering the site they found someone else had recently visited. Thieves and vandals had been entering to strip out copper pipe and cabling and generally making a mess of the place – gaining entry via holes in the fence. Before moving in, Cormac needed to have new pipe and electrical cabling installed, so they also called on us to provide options to protect their new investment.

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DSC alarm with touchscreen code pad 7 inch screen

Pet Friendly Home Security System – 2 Story Home in Bulli

A & M from Bulli recently called wanting to review the security in their newly purchased home (it already had an alarm). They wanted a high level of protection by ensuring intruders would be caught if breaking-in through a door or window, ensuring there were no blind spots. A & M also have a dog which is kept inside both day and night, so all the detectors had to be pet friendly to cut down on any false alarms they may be caused. Lastly, A & M both work so are away from home a lot. They requested back to base alarm monitoring to ensure someone was looking out for their home while they were not there.

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