Smartphone Home Security System in Albion Park

Smartphone Home Security System in Albion Park

Recently, Regional Security was introduced to Aaron who was in the process of building a new home in Albion Park. Aaron was introduced to us by our good friends at 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs in Wollongong after we upgraded their alarm and CCTV system for their new workshop on Swann Street, Wollongong.

Aaron was looking for a home alarm security system that would protect his family while he worked nights and protect his home while they were all away on holidays or outings. Aaron also had a special request – he wanted to supervise and have full control of the alarm system in his Albion Park home via his mobile phone. Fortunately for Aaron, we had a solution that would tick all the boxes.

As Aarons house was still in the build stage we were able to pre-cable the frame – ensuring all the equipment was located in optimum positions while saving money in this instance on additional labour.

Once construction was completed we fitted the system to the cabling. In the garage we mounted a garage door reed switch for early warning protection. This was backed up by a quad logic passive infrared receiver (PIR), ensuring his car, caravan and tools are kept safe. Each bedroom was fitted with a quad logic PIR, positioned to cut down on false alarms, yet still provide the highest level of protection. The entry foyer, family and dining room and media room were also fitted with quad logic PIR, serving as the best solution to economically cover the majority of the house.

Aarons Albion Park home alarm was programmed to allow him to arm the system while at home. A special ‘STAY’ function was set up to only arm certain areas of the home – e.g. garage, media room, entry foyer. This allows Aaron and his family to move around (and sleep soundly) of a night while still remaining protected.

An external siren with flasher was fitted was fitted to the house – this not only alerts neighbours to an alarm event, but serves as a warning to would be intruders and thieves. An 85db internal siren was also fitted, ensuring no alarm event would go un-noticed.

To give Aaron and his family added protection and peace of mind while he is at work, we added a wireless panic system. If at any time the pocket sized panic button is activated, the alarm will sound and an alert message will be sent out. This system is also activated via the code pad, located at the front door. The panic system also serves as a system remote, allowing the home alarm to be armed and disarmed.

If at any time the pocket sized panic button is activated, the alarm will sound and an alert message will be sent out.

Finally, to allow Aaron to receive alarm signals, alerts and panics, we fitted a Comnav communicator to the system. The alerts are communicated to a phone via text message, pre-recorded voice messages and emails. The Comnav also connects to the internet of his Albion Park home allowing remote control via a smart phone app. Aaron can now check the alarm history, bypass zones, arm and disarm the system and activate on-board relays (that can be wired to give control of garage doors, lighting, pool pumps, etc) via his smartphone home security system.

All this, combined with a Regional Security IP CCTV security camera system gives Aaron and his family the most functional, yet secure home on the block.