Sirens or Beeping?

If a fault is present you may find your alarm going off (sirens sound) by itself, even if unset. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a dead battery or faulty sensor. The information contained in this article will assist in shutting off the system and silence the sirens.

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For information on a beeping alarm, please follow this link to ‘How to Stop a Beeping Alarm


Have you Tried the Code?

  • Enter the code as normal at the code pad. If you have a remote, try this also.

    Hills Vertex NX Reliance Code Pad

On some systems the code can become out of sequence. Try the following:

  • Press the ‘#’ hash button (or the button located to the right of the zero ‘0’ button) on the code pad to clear the out-of-sequence numbers
  • Re-try the code to disarm the alarm as normal.



If this does not stop the alarm going off you may wish to manually power-down the alarm.

WARNING – The information below is intended for the home owner or occupant in the event of their alarm going off due to a fault. This information is general and may not apply to every alarm panel.

It is recommended you consult the alarm installer for details regarding the specific alarm system brand and model before proceeding


Locate the Alarm Panel

This houses the alarm control board (the ‘main brains’) and back-up battery. The alarm panel is typically a metal or plastic box measuring approx. 30cm x 30cm. The alarm panel may be located in a cupboard, pantry, built-in wardrobe, garage wall, roof space or floor space. The panel may also have the same branding as the code pad

Hills Reliance R12 Panel Tin Enclosure



In some systems with wireless devices the code pad is built into the alarm panel. This makes it noticeably larger than a typical code pad. Open this device to access the backup battery and mains wiring.



Remove/Open the Box Cover

The box cover may be fastened in place with screws or a lock.

  • If a lock, check if the key is located in the lock or on-top of/near the panel.
  • If the key cannot be found either drill out the lock or use brute force to access the box.


Disconnect the Battery

  • Locate the leads connecting the main control board to the battery.
  • Remove the leads from either the battery or the board.

    Remove Alarm Panel Backup Battery LeadsBa



Disconnect the Mains Power

  • Switch off the plug-pack that powers the alarm at the power point.

    16v AC Transformer Plug Pack Direct Alarm Supplies



If this is not easily accessible, remove one of its wires from the main control board.

  • Look for the ‘AC’ markings on the main control board
  • Unscrew and remove one of the wires
  • Cover the exposed metal of the removed wire with electrical tape, sticky tape, blu-tac, ect. to prevent further damaging the alarm

    Remove AC Mains Alarm Panel Power




If the sirens are still sounding you may also need to disconnect batteries and power to the individual noise making devices. If it is required to cut wires to disconnect power from devices ensure to cut only one wire at a time to avoid further damaging the alarm system.

Contact a qualified and licenced alarm technician as soon as convenient to diagnose and faults and return the alarm to working condition

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