Business Security Systems Wollongong

Commercial Security System Services in Wollongong

Business Security Package

A Regional Security business alarm system is designed to give superior protection. Our professional grade systems have options to adapt to any business environment. With our monitored back to base package you can rest assured you, your staff and business are safe and secure 24/7, both while at work and away

Business Security alarm packages Wollongong


  • Our professional grade security alarm system can be adapted to suit even the most diverse business environment
  • Solutions to reduce risk, protect your staff, stock and productivity
  • Fitted by trained installers who will identify security risks and install the appropriate equipment


  • Options for wired or wireless monitoring to match your businesses security needs
  • Fully trained staff are waiting 24/7 to initiate your customised security plan upon an alarm event
  • Australian based control room and call centre
Back to base 24/7 Security monitoring Wollongong

Fire Detection

  • Protect your staff and business from devastating consequences with our range of smoke and heat detection products
  • Customised solutions to suit small offices and retail outlets to large factories and warehouses


  • Our professional grade CCTV security camera systems will help reduce theft and vandalism, track stock and provide detail for WHS and public liability issues
  • Solutions for extreme-low light and numberplate recognition can satisfy the most demanding of needs
  • Give our control room access to your camera system for an immediate police response

An office with our camera installation services
Swipe Card Door Access Control Systems

Access Control

  • Gain the ability to allow or deny certain staff or visitors through doors or gates
  • With pin or card, restrict access by time or security level, ensuring only the right people entre at an appropriate time
  • Generate reports to give you precise information of movement through your business or facility

Network Cabling

  • Our trained and qualified technicians have the knowledge and tools to test and install a variety of network cabling infrastructure. Harness the power of gigabit networking and super-fast NBN in your business

Motorised Gates & Booms

  • Protect your business with a motorised gate – custom built or retrofitted to an existing gate
  • Secure your parking with a boom gate or paid parking system
  • Control your gates with a range of options, starting from simple remotes to card swipes and auto-times controllers

Guards and Patrols

  • Protect your workforce with staff escorts
  • Fully trained and professional staff
  • We offer a complete range of guard services, including on site/static, site patrols and lock downs, cash in transit and alarm response