DSC alarm with touchscreen code pad 7 inch screen

Pet Friendly Home Security System – 2 Story Home in Bulli

A & M from Bulli recently called wanting to review the security in their newly purchased home (it already had an alarm). They wanted a high level of protection by ensuring intruders would be caught if breaking-in through a door or window, ensuring there were no blind spots. A & M also have a dog which is kept inside both day and night, so all the detectors had to be pet friendly to cut down on any false alarms they may be caused. Lastly, A & M both work so are away from home a lot. They requested back to base alarm monitoring to ensure someone was looking out for their home while they were not there.

After visiting their home I found they have a 2 story house without a roof cavity – this meant any new detectors would need to be wireless, as well as pet friendly. There were a number of potential entry point that were not covered by the existing alarm system, including the laundry and an upstairs office – wireless detectors were recommended for these areas. The existing detectors were not pet friendly so would need to be upgraded to a type that would allow for a 25kg animal.

After reviewing the options it was found to be more beneficial and cost effective to replace the current alarm with a new system with more wireless options. A & M chose to install a DSC alarm system with touchscreen code pad to suit the modern look of their home – the 7” screen can display photos when not being used to operate the alarm. The existing detectors were upgraded to a pet friendly type and adjusted to be compatible with the size of their dog. The new wireless detectors were placed to cover the identified unprotected doors or windows in the house – these too were adjusted to be compatible with their dog. Wireless smoke detectors were added to the system and placed in the upstairs and downstairs hallway in close proximity to the bedrooms. These will give early warning of fire and alert the control room whether the alarm is armed or disarmed. A pair of remotes were provided to allow the alarm to be easily armed and disarmed before entering the house via the garage. The remotes also have a dedicated panic button; so can be used to alert the control room if A or M believe someone is breaking into their property. As A & M do not have a land line phone, a GPRS communicator was installed to transmit alarm signals to the back to base control room. This device communicates over the mobile phone network and is NBN friendly. This device has a smart phone app available, so A & M can arm and disarm their alarm with their smart phone. The system was thoroughly tested to ensure correct operation.

A & M now have a robust intruder alarm system that is expandable for the future with any number of DSC wireless devices. Their home is protected against break-ins while they are away and while at home. Smoke detectors and back to base alarm monitoring will give the best chance to minimise loss in the event of a fire.