Beeping or Sirens?

If your home alarm keeps beeping it may indicate a fault is present in the system – this will generally cause the alarm code pad to emit a beeping sound. This can happen for a number of reasons such as a power fail or low panel battery. The information in this article will help you determine the cause of the beeping.

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Is it Really the Alarm Beeping?

Many other electronic items emit warning beeps. Before blaming the alarm check these two things:


  • Check the alarm code pad for any unusual lights or icons

Most alarm will show a fault or service light/icon if there is a problem. Consult the user manual for the meaning of unusual lights/icons

  • Press a button on the alarm code pad to test if the tone (sound) emitted is the same as the beeping

Most alarm code pads can only emit one type of tone

Bosch EDM Solution Codepad Keypad 844 862 880 fault icon home alarm keeps beeping

Solution 844/862/880 code pad – exclamation in triangle indicates a fault


If there is no fault light or icon present and the tone emitted by the code pad is different from the beeping, the fault is most likely not coming from the alarm

The most common cause of the beeping if not the alarm is a low battery in a smoke detector. Stand under the smoke detector and check for a flash at the same time as the beeping to determine if this is the cause. If in doubt, change the smoke detector battery anyway.

Other causes of beeping could also be a fridge door not shut properly, cordless phone off hook or not charging, low batteries is toys and gadgets.


It IS the Alarm! What Next?

The alarm system is a complex device with many self-checks and measures. If the home alarm keeps beeping, it is warning of a fault that may damage the device or lessen its effectiveness. Listed below are common reasons for the alarm to beep:

Most modern alarms will display the exact fault after pressing a button sequence on the code pad. Consult the alarm system user manual for this button sequence. This will assist identify the most likely causes if your home alarm keeps beeping.


Power Fail

This will happen if the mains power is switched off in the case of a building wide power fail or accidentally disconnecting the alarm panel power supply

  • Do the neighbours have power
  • Ensure all circut breakers set to ‘ON’ in the fuse board
  • Check the alarm power supply (plug pack) securely fitted and switched on
  • Does the power supply feel warm to the touch – if it is cold or excessively hot this could indicate a fault with the power supply. Contact a security technician for further assistance

security alarm system plug pack power supply check warm home alarm keeps beeping

Check the alarm plug pack is switched ON, secure to the wall and warm

Low Panel Battery

The backup panel battery over time will cease to hold charge and require replacement. Consult the user manual for the type of battery required.

 Remove Alarm Panel Backup Battery LeadsBa

Low Battery on a Wireless Device

Wireless detectors and devices should have the batteries replaced regularly. Consult the manual for battery types and typical life spans.

If signs of corrosion (green discolouration) or battery leakage are present  in the panel or a device remove the battery and dispose of safely. DO NOT return the item to service. Contact an alarm technician.

Bosch EDM Solution Wireless Reed Switch Circuit Board Battery Magnet home alarm keeps beeping

Solution wireless reed switch with lid open to show battery

Box Tamper

If the lid of the alarm panel (housing the alarm circuitry) is opened this may trip a box tamper.

  • Ensure the panel lid/cover is closed properly and securely
  • Enter the code at the code pad to silence the beeps
Bosch EDM Solution 844/862/880 Control Panel screws screwdriver

Ensure the control panel lid is firmly in place

Siren Fault

The external siren has either developed a fault or become disconnected from the alarm panel in some way. Consult an alarm technician for further assistance.

External Combo Siren and Strobe with broken siren wire home alarm keeps beeping

External combo siren and strobe with broken siren wire


Please note all information is general and does not apply to every alarm system. Consult a qualified and licenced alarm technician for make and model specific advice

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