This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third parties with which Regional Security NSW Pty Ltd (the “Company”) affiliates. All Personal Information that the Company is required to be shared with third parties is protected by their individual policies.

For the purpose of this agreement “Personal Information” is defined as any information and/or opinion that identifies an individual, or from which an individual’s identity is evident or can be reasonably determined.

References to the “Client” include references to all persons, entities, or other organisations, that conduct business with, or exchange Personal Information with, the Company.

  1. Consent:

By voluntarily submitting Personal Information to the Company, the Client consents to the collection and use of its Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.

  1. Collection and Use of Personal Information:

It is necessary for the Company to collect and collate Personal Information from Clients. This information is collected from, and used for the purposes of:

  1. Providing goods and services to Clients;
  2. Notifying Clients about relevant developments;
  3. Notifying Clients of alternative or additional services;
  4. Obtaining and reporting of credit information, including for example, obtaining a credit report, or reporting a credit default; and
  5. As required by law.
  1. Disclosure to Third Parties:

The Company may disclose Personal Information to third parties who are employed, contracted or associated with the Company for the purposes of providing goods and services to the Client.

Other than as described above, the Company will not, without consent of the Client, disclose Personal Information to third parties unless compelled by law to do so.

  1. Access to Personal Information:

On written request, the Client may have access to its Personal Information held by the Company, except to the extent that the Company is required or authorised to refuse to provide the Client with access to that Personal Information under the applicable provisions of any law that provides for access by persons to documents.

  1. Correction of personal details:

For the purposes of maintaining current and accurate records, the Client shall update the Company with respect to any inaccurate or incomplete Personal Information. The Company is not liable for any loss resulting from the Client not updating their Personal Information.

  1. Security:

Information provided to the Company is protected within all reasonable limits for your privacy and security. The Company will not accept any liability for the use of any Personal Information that has been obtained through unauthorised access.

The Company accepts no liability for the security or confidentiality of any correspondence conveyed by email.

  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy:

The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without notice, at any time, by publishing the amended policy on its website. The varied policy terms will apply from the dated they are published and the Client accepts that this is sufficient notice of the variation, and that no further notification is required.