Home Alarms for Wollongong and Illawarra

In today’s social and economic environment a quality alarm system is a must for every home and business. The humble alarm system has progressed over the years from simple multi-relay boards to todays sophisticated micro-processor driven powerhouses. Current alarm systems have a range of features to make them more versatile for a range of application; from intruder detection, early warning fire, plant and facility alarms, access control and much more.

Common alarm systems typically comprise of a control panel, detectors/sensors and siren/strobe. Detection devices range from simple door/window switches, passive infrared receivers (PIR), microwave, ultrasonic, smoke & heat/temperature, infrared beams and much more. A detection device is available for just about every application. Most come with adjustable sensitivity to tailor to your specific site and minimise false alarms.

Operating your alarm couldn’t be simpler with user friendly controls such as voice guided and touch screen keypads, mobile phone apps and remote controls that can also operate a garage door.

Regional Security installed alarms come in a range of styles and sizes to suit every application; from the Reliance panel, perfect for the home or small business. Right up to the Challenger, with it’s computer based software for managing thousands of user codes, time zones, access levels and much more.

Multi story homes, units, retail spaces, commercial offices, warehouse and sprawling factory buildings; with over 50 years combined experience in the security industry, Regional Security are up to the task to meet any security challenge and should be your first choice for an alarm system install or maintainance in the Illawarra.

The Reliance alarm panels and its predecessor, NX & DL, have been an industry standard for over 30 years. Reliance brings a mass of features as standard across its range of panels. Voice guided & touch screen keypads are not only functional but stylish, seamlessly intergrating into your décor. Any combination of detectors can be installed to suit every need. With its versatile functionality and class leading dependability the Reliance lives up to its name sake.

The Challenger is todays complete security solution. With the ability to accept over 1000 detectors and manage 65 000+ users, control doors and lifts and store up to 10 000 history events. Management software allows for connection either directly or across a network, giving simplified control to both end user and installer. Challenger is the solution for medium to large sites. No matter what the need, Challenger will meet the challenge.

For an alarm to be effective it needs to detect. Detectors come in many sizes and technologies from simple to advanced; Regional Security can match the best detector to your needs.

Reed switches fit onto doors and windows, activating the alarm when the door or window is opened. Reed switches can be surface mounted or recessed to make them less visible. Special reed switches designed specifically for garage doors, gates and trailers are also available.

Passive infrared detectors, PIR for short, are the most common and versatile of alarm intrusion detectors. Simple to install and able to cover large areas, PIR are an efficient and cost effective detection device. Modern PIR utilise clever features to reduce false alarms. PIR come in a range of styles from pet friendly, long range, outdoor and 360 degree roof mounted.

Point-to-point beams make for ideal outdoor perimeter protection. These devices can span large distances with a single beam kit. This makes them ideal for both securing outdoor assets or providing early warning when intruders entre your grounds but BEFORE they enter your buildings.

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