Fire Detection

Even the smallest fire can have devastating effects on families and businesses. Ranging from property damage, loss of irreplaceable items, data and time, to the most extreme – loss of life. Regional Security’s range of smoke, heat and CO2 detection devices connected to any alarm system for a constant, battery backed-up  power source, and will cause the sirens to sound on detection of smoke, heat or CO2. Specialised fire sirens can also be connected to most systems to help distinguish between a general alarm and fire activation. Couple this with back-to-base alarm monitoring and you will be given early warning for just about any fire related incident.

Smoke detectors sense smoke particles in the air to provide early warning of a potential fire. Regional Security smoke detectors employ a backup battery in the device, ensuring if the alarm cabling is damaged, the smoke detector will continue to function.

Heat detectors are suitable for smoky and dusty environments such as kitchens and workshops. They detect rapid changes in temperature to initiate an alarm. They will also initiate an alarm if a set temperature threshold is reached.

Carbon Monoxide detectors sense for high levels of dangerous CO2 gases in the air. These gases become present from faulty heating and cooking equipment, cars and wood fires. Upon detection of high levels of CO2 the detector will trigger an alarm.

Smoke beams are designed to cover large areas of 100+ meters with a single beam kit – this negates the need for many individual smoke detectors and costly cabling. Clever recognition of dust and obstructions make the smoke beam more reliable and false alarm resistant. Testing time is also reduced as only one device need be tested as opposed to many.

Don’t leave it to chance – protect what is most valuable to you with Regional Security.