Security Monitoring Services Wollongong

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a noise? The same can be said of an alarm system that is not back-to-base monitored. Can you rely on your neighbours to check the property if the alarm goes off at 2am when you are away on holidays? You CAN trust our control room. With a 24/7 staff of fully trained and vigilant operators any and all alarm activations will be actioned to your exacting requirements. Allowing you to get on with life (or sleep) with confidence that what is most valuable to you is in safe hands.

A range of back-to-base security monitoring options are available:

  • Phone line monitoring is done over the standard copper phone lines. This is the most cost effective, tried and true method of monitoring.
  • GPRS monitoring communicates over the mobile phone network via add-on dialler devices. Most of these have added features such as mobile phone apps to turn the alarm on and off. Most GPRS devices allow for duel carriers, meaning if one mobile network provider becomes unavailable (power outage or damage at the tower), the device will transmit over an alternate mobile network provider. This makes GPRS on of the most reliable, fail safe alarm communication paths.
  • IP monitoring communicates via the internet. The add-on IP communicator is connected to the home or business router. This device is typically less expensive than GPRS and also comes with phone apps for controlling the alarm.
  • GSM monitoring communicates over the mobile phone network using a standard SIM card. This system is typically deployed as a backup to phone line monitoring.
Back to base 24/7 Security monitoring Wollongong