Video Verification

What is more frustrating than paying for a guard response to an alarm activation only to find out it was a false alarm… this costly scenario causes many alarm owners to abandon guard responses and alarm monitoring altogether. This lessens the effectiveness of their security system and leaves the property vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Video verification reduces guard response to false alarms by allowing the control room to first checking video footage and still images to help determine if there is an actual need for a guard response. Better still, if a crime (break-in, theft, hold-up, vandalism, ect) is viewed, an immediate police response can be initiated as opposed to a paid guard.

Video verification can be done either through a standard CCTV system or dedicated video verification alarm, connected back to the control room. Please see CCTV page for further information on these products.

Video verification alarm systems combine standard PIR detectors with cameras to give instant image/footage verification on alarm activation. This feature helps cut down alarm response by first verifying the alarm. This can be done by either the control room or end user. The camera can be viewed anytime, anywhere with a clever mobile app that also gives full control of the alarm.

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